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With a background in both the arts and the sciences, Cecilia is a creative earth science communicator. She currently works as a geography tutor, innovating unconventional storytelling methods to engage A-level and GCSE students in learning and understanding about the world and their place within it. She is also an expert voice and onscreen contributor for the BBC.

English-Honduran, Cecilia’s storytelling technique, is like her heritage; a melting pot where two very different worlds have been combined. Growing up with an artistic mother and scientific father, Cecilia was first introduced to geography and the earth sciences through colourful stories. Her favourite past-time was reading about the planet and then using her imagination in the great outdoors to recreate stories about her connection to it – sometimes for hours on end.

After specialising in experimental media and video dance production at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Cecilia went on to work in media production for both the television and museum industries. It was through these experiences that her vision for storytelling about the earth, using unconventional methods, was sparked. Cecilia started studying geology and philosophy part-time whilst writing, creating and presenting her own short videos where she combined the two. This led to not only the creation of a web series, which was officially selected by the Raindance Film Festival (a BAFTA accredited and qualifying festival) in 2016, but also an MSc at University College London (UCL), which she completed with distinction.

A tailor-made degree, she combined the earth sciences with the social sciences to explore science communication and public engagement strategies. Topics ranged from volcanism, earthquakes, tsunamis and climate change to the philosophies of the sublime, risk perception and building inner and social resilience.

After viewing her videos, she became a selected finalist by the BBC for training in broadcasting with a view to becoming an onscreen contributor. She has since appeared on BBC Learning’s scientific campaign ‘Terrific Scientific’ as well as BBC Global News Live. Her creative storytelling and presentation skills have also led to commissions by geo-scientific bodies such as the British Geological Survey and the Deep Carbon Observatory. Her mission is to help develop people’s relationship with the natural world through a shared understanding and appreciation for the planet and its processes.

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